dan eDaniel Evaeus works at Elderberries Threefold Cafe in Los Angeles and with its related initiatives. His main focus is around transformational processes of becoming, facilitation and mediation, to which he brings great empathy and sensitivity.


Frank Aleph Agrama is an artist and co-creator, born and raised in Hollywood.  His dreams began to take root through a slowly maturing relationship with Elderberries 3Fold Cafe.  Carrying the questions of meaning and culture, born into the hotbed of image conscious capitalism, Frank grew into young adulthood with a gradual disenchantment with the entertainment industries.  Rather than fall into apathetic cynicism, Frank has been fortunate to err on the side of idealism, towards compassion and transformation, to question in himself, and with love, as to WHAT IS THE PURPOSE OF ART IN TODAY’S WORLD?  How can we awaken to what is waiting to express itself, as a society, made of human beings all on a transformative journey together.

Frank creates in many artforms: film, music, movement, painting, woodwork, and is a co-founder of Urban FirstAid 3Fold Culture Hub; a community space for all artforms and social / cultural needs, in Hollywood.  As multi-medium expression rings truer and truer to our expanding sense of what it means to be a creative individual, leading questions are, “How does the social aspect of creativity find itself? When we are continually growing into deeper individualists, how do we also flow together towards a larger sense of purpose and collaboration for the betterment of all?”

Dottie June 18 2015Dottie Zold was born to two amazing young people who taught her that helping others, no matter what, was the foundation of one’s existence in the world. Meeting Rudolf Steiner’s work at the age of 29 and a half, she took up the work of what it means to create a space in one’s heart, a devotion to humanity, and the earth till the last breath drawn. She has founded Elderberries Threefold Café, which works with the at risk community, homeless youth and friends with mental illnesses, creating spaces for peer to peer conversations, individual, and societal shifts in the local and global arenas.  She is Co-founder of Have Seeds House in Mid City, Los Angeles, which is a space for those in transition and seeking to intern in what it looks like to create and sustain a more beautiful humanity. She also co-founded Urban First Aid – Art Is Medicine in Hollywood, a cultural hub for the local community. She is now embarking upon the idea with her co-workers of the second of seven cafes across the country: laying down the tracks for Chicago as the second stop on the Michaelic Grailroad. Dottie is a Member of the Anthroposophical Society and the Section for Social Sciences of the Michael School. Ultimately ‘healing in the social realm’ is what she feels is her life’s work.

BU2A9566 (1)Kait Ziegler: I have been extremely fortunate to experience some of the incredible diversity across our planet and am on a never-ending journey to try and heal it and its inhabitants in the kindest and most considerate way possible. In serving the other, I am directly serving myself. I help lead Moral Mondays LA, where I am facilitating themes of systems change in the realm of Theory U, mindful economics, community building, and social threefolding. Becoming present can be achieved a million times over. It’s never too late to start now.

12487229_10153348493581048_1256905134594190806_oBruna Viapiana is collaborating with multiple people and organizations around the world in the creation of different types of learning journey experiences. She has developed educational programs for youth and adults who are engaged in shaping themselves and society at large towards a more sustainable lifestyle and future. Bruna is currently self-directing her learning around the sacred feminine and different ways of knowing, healing practices, and rites of passage, to better understand how we relate to each other and how to host spaces for emerging futures. Prior to engaging full time in her current activities around learning, Bruna was part of the creation of Rede Sustentabilidade – a Brazilian political party – and supported the organizing of the party’s structure in the state of São Paulo in 2014, and other innovative political initiatives.

john_gierynJohn Gieryn applies participatory action research to build and grow relationships and networks, focusing on fostering mutual accountability, trust through asset sharing, and courageous spaces. In the spirit of think local, act global, the bulk of his work is done as an Equity Fellow with the Kheprw Institute (Indianapolis, IN/Kheprw.org) and a Contributor of The Enspiral Network (Wellington, NZ/ Enspiral.com) He co-founded the Indy Tool Lending Library, a cooperative resource sharing project, and is co-designing a community currency program—a network of local businesses, nonprofits, and consumers for good—to keep value local and reclaim exchange for community agency in his locale, Indianapolis, IN.

Photo_JuanJuan Facundo Bottero was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in the year 1988. He studied Sociology in the University of Buenos Aires and specialised in Human Rights and Latin-American History. He worked for several social projects and NGOs fighting against poverty, social exclusion and discrimination in Argentina and Brazil. Currently he is working for the Section for Social Sciences in the Goetheanum.