Nicanor PerlasNicanor Jesus Perlas III, or “Nicanor Perlas” for short, 67 years of age, has been engaged in trying to create a better world since he was 18 years old. He has led successful global campaigns to stop nuclear power in the Philippines and ban 32 hazardous pesticide formulations. He was also in the core group of People Power 2 that deposed former Philippine President Joseph Estrada who was starting to violate key provisions of the Philippine Constitution. He spearheaded the formulation of Philippine Agenda 21, the sustainable development blueprint of the Philippine government, which introduced into mainstream policy and development circles the societal threefolding approach to participatory governance. 

He was also the key negotiator for the Asia Pacific Sustainable Development (APSUD) Coalition, composed of over 5000 organizations spread throughout Asia and the Pacific. APSUD convinced the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), through the chairmanship of then Philippine President Fidel V. Ramos, not to force the total liberalization of the rice sector in the Philippines, thereby sparing 3 million farmers from the adverse impacts of premature trade liberalization. In all these various advocacies, Perlas helped organize and mobilize civil society and its networks and leaders to come together and achieve collective impact.

Perlas is also a global and national plenary lecturer in over a hundred of conferences around the world. He serves a consultant to government, business, and civil society on integral sustainable development and its local adaptation for towns and cities, Sustainable Integrated Area Development or SIAD. For the national and global impact of his work, Perlas received the Right Livelihood Award, also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize, in 2003. Earlier, he also received The Outstanding Filipino Award and the UNEP’s Global 500 Award.


Orland Bishop

Orland Bishop combines an extensive study of phenomenology, western and indigenous cosmologies with a deep dedication to human rights advocacy and cultural renewal. Orland is a lineage holder in African Gnosis Traditions and works at the intersection of human consciousness and societal development. Orland is the Founder and Executive Director of ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation in Los Angeles, California, a unique organization of social architects and entrepreneurs devoted to creating new social forms and collaboratives for systems change.  

ShadeTree’s Genesis Pathway is a human development process designed to mentor youth through self-knowledge and the creating of community.   Shadetree uses the core idea of “genius to genius” mentoring which helps to reveal the inherent gifts in each individual while seeking ways for each to live productively and originally in the world.”

Orland has served as a mentor to many organizations in Los Angeles, the US and internationally. He is guided by his deep interest in ways of knowing the collective consciousness of groups and the processes of their shared agreements for healthy societal goals and structures. Orland has developed many approaches to systemic and community issues including urban conflicts, gang intervention and truce sustainability. His work has led to a more complex understanding of the economic processes that generate violence.  He has worked to create pathways of economics for peace. Orland is an active member in several working groups on the futures of money and systems that leverage monetary wealth and social capital for emerging economies.

Gerald Häfner Member of the European Parliament / Bündniss 90/Die GrünenGerald Häfner has been active as a German politician with the Green Party. From 1987 to 2002, he served three times in the lower house of parliament and was a member of the European parliament from 2009 to 2014. Waldorf teacher, publicist and co-founder of numerous initiatives and foundations like ‘More Democracy’ and Democracy International, Häfner is now also head of the Section for Social Sciences at the Goetheanum since 2015.

bart eddyBart Eddy is an educator, social entrepreneur and community development advocate who has worked in Detroit for more than 30 years. During that time, he has Co-Founded the Barnabas Youth Opportunities Center (1983), Detroit Community Schools (1997) and the Sunbridge International Collaborative (2012). He currently directs the “Brightmoor Makers” program for youth employment and advocacy and is passionately committed to helping young people find their sense of vision, mission and purpose in the global community. Bart was a class teacher at the Detroit Waldorf School from 1988-1996.

NanaNana Woo received her training in Eurythmy at Peredur and in Storytelling at Emerson College in the UK. She has explored Social Eurythmy under the guidance of Anna-Marie Ehrlich. She is touring her ‘What is Love?’ performance and giving the workshop, ‘Soil, Soul, Society’, for teenagers and young adults. She will be working as a Eurythmist with the workers and staff of the social enterprises in the Sekem Community in Egypt. In the coming year Nana will facilitate a University of the Trees: ‘Social Eurythmy’ Enquiry Lab with Social Sculpture Research unit at Oxford Brooks University.

Social Eurythmy is a movement practice to support the social relations between people, and the understanding of individual role within a group or a team.

John BloomJohn Bloom is Vice President, Organizational Culture at RSF Social Finance in San Francisco ( As part of his work at RSF he has been developing and facilitating conversations and programs that address the intersection of money and spirit in personal and social transformation. He writes frequently for RSF’s Reimagine Money blog and has fostered collaborative dialogues on the challenging social aspects money. As part of his work he has helped develop awareness of issues of land and biodynamic agriculture across the US. He was appointed as General Secretary of the Anthroposophical Society in America in October 2016. He has written two books, The Genius of Money, and Inhabiting Interdependence, both published by SteinerBooks. He lives in San Francisco.

Laura Summer Bio PicLaura Summer is a painter and co-founder of Free Columbia, an arts initiative that is financially accessible to everyone. She has been working with questions of color and contemporary art for 25 years. Her work, to be found in private collections in the US and Europe, has been exhibited at the National Museum of Catholic Art and History in New York City and at the Sekem Community in Egypt. She founded two temporary alternative exhibition spaces in Hudson NY, 345 Collaborative Gallery and Raising Matter-this is not a gallery and initiated ART DISPERSAL 2012-17 where 450 pieces of art by professional artists have been dispersed to the public without set prices.

BU2A9566 (1)

Kait Ziegler is an artist, storyteller, facilitator, and dreamer. Her path, full of learning, privilege, compassion, challenge, response, and so many beautiful connections, has led her to Los Angeles via Tel Aviv, where she received her Masters in Public Health in Emergency and Disaster Management. She presently works in community with Elderberries Cafe and its initiatives, where she has co-founded Moral Mondays 3Fold LA. She’s had many experiences to guide her in forming ideas and passions around mindfulness, economics, community building and resiliency, and creativity. How do we open our minds, hearts, and wills to collectively heal the world? To light, to darkness, and the wonder in between…

10525793_1514951175490556_4375934676935200061_nMark Hancock lives with his family in Atlanta. He works as a physician in a hospital and is board certified in Family Medicine. He founded and runs the Martin Clinic, a free clinic based on the integrative and humanizing principles of Anthroposophic Medicine. He is one of the only providers of mistletoe therapy for cancer in the Southeast.

In early 2015 Mark and several friends founded AER (the Alliance for Economic Renewal) a nonprofit working to create an economic model that will keep money local, flowing and good. AER has worked with the 6th grade of the Atlanta Waldorf school to create the AERMark, a complementary currency. The AERMark will be accepted by local businesses and will require a quarterly activation stamp. This will direct a portion of the total funds to local social and cultural causes.

Mark enjoys biodynamic permaculture gardening. He plays the didgeridoo and loves hiking, camping, backpacking, and bikecamping with his wife Enid and their 6 daughters. Mark is interested in sustainable organic architecture and is completing an earthbag barn and studio in his backyard. He has studied philosophy and wrote his thesis paper on Rudolf Steiner’s Philosophy of Freedom.

Barbara EvaeusBarbara Evaeus joined WWF in 2007, after a 20 year business career in international marketing, executive sales and sustainability communications. In addition to developing campaigns aimed at building public opinion, Barbara’s focus since joining the organization has been on creating WWF’s Climate Solver platform which aims to support the commercialization and dissemination of transformative climate technologies, as well as WWF’s One Planet City Challenge – a global project to mobilize action and support for a rapid transition toward sustainable urban development.

Barbara is a widely recognized public speaker and moderator, who excels in creating a dynamic environment for meaningful and constructive dialogue. Barbara’s overarching objective is to apply her skills and experience to the global effort to safeguard our planet and its inhabitants.

Matre_Press4Matre is a hip-hop artist and educator inspired by the empowering spirit of hip-hop culture and the arts. With a focus on cultural transformation, healing and economic justice, he works with Los Angeles based non-profits, ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation, Street Poets Inc., and Rhythm Arts Alliance, and is a founding member of hip-hop collectives Top2Bottom and LA2theBay. His recent projects include “Listen” – a youth justice initiative in collaboration with the #studentsnotsuspects coalition and the ACLU of Southern California – and “Mars Today” – a musical call for the advancement of moral technology, together with award-winning Finnish rapper Paleface and Tanzanian singer Ashimba.


A lifelong dancer, Jeanne Feeney, is pleased to be among the HOW WE WILL FORUM offerings. She is a Waldorf early childhood teacher as well as a Body-Mind Centering® practitioner who teaches movement and body awareness workshops, classes and private sessions in Santa Cruz, CA.


Christine Burke Bio PicChristine Burke earned a BA in Linguistics from UC Santa Barbara, before completing a Waldorf Teacher training through Rudolf Steiner College (San Francisco),.  Christine taught in Waldorf schools in both California and Sweden before her further training in Formative Speech (Sprak Gestaltung) and Drama at Artemis School of Speech and Drama (England).  She later earned an MA in Communication Studies with an emphasis in Performance Studies through California State University, Northridge, where she was able to bridge many of her studies and projects to anthroposophical initiatives and concepts.   Currently, Christine teaches Communication Studies at California State University, Channel Islands and at Ventura Community College and travels to conferences, Waldorf schools and teacher trainings throughout the world to teach speech and drama. 

Christine spends the remaining hours of her life balancing the responsibilities of home life with the social and business duties of owning a coffee and juice bar, performing in street theater and community theater, a variety of activist performances, as the advisor and co-chair of the Cultural Equity Task force of Justice For All and not least, the life-infused, life-long learning of coming to know herself.

Joan Jaeckel Photo School Initiative Photos 055 (2)

Launched into life as an international citizen, Joan Jaeckel was born in Austria into a family of artists, architects and scientists and raised in Detroit, where she was active in community theater and folksinging. Attracted to Waldorf education through her parents who served as founding Board members of the Detroit Waldorf School, she moves to Los Angeles, graduates from the Waldorf Teacher Training Center at Highland Hall Waldorf School , teaches German there, starts a family, and serves as its Community Development Director. Her interest in the social justice potential for Waldorf education piqued at the dawn of public Waldorf-inspired schools in the U.S., she serves as Director of Development at the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). From a life mission to further more understanding of and acceptance for the creative schooling mission, Joan launches projects that spread the word and bring like-minded allies together: Consulting Producer of Eric Stacey’s CINE Golden Eagle Award winning documentary, The Waldorf Promise, focusing on U.S. Public Waldorf programs; organizes a 3-day invitational conference, “Investing in Socially Responsible Education,” in collaboration with leading figures in Holistic Education, Social-Emotional Learning, Green Business, Contemplative Practice, Social Justice, and Whole Systems Thinking; coordinates the charter petition writing process for LAUSD’s Ocean Charter School, the first Public Waldorf program in Los Angeles. Today Joan is active with the ShadeTree Community Schooling Initiative of Watts/South Los Angeles and a working group of the Shade Tree Multicultural FoundationJoan is mother to a blended family of 6 children and 7 grandchildren and lives in Studio City with artist, poet, Emerson College graduate, and general contractor, Roman Janczak

Akil's photoRobert “Akil” Bell, a native resident of Los Angeles, has been active for twenty five years in South Los Angeles, San Gabriel Valley, Watts, Lynwood Communities and most recently Ethiopia, practicing Sports-Based Youth and Community Development, Mentorship, Wellness, Education and Systemic Leadership as a way of facilitating relational spaces for social capital to be shared in fostering sustainable communities.

Akil has worked in the non-profit sector collaborating with and serving Community Based Sports and Youth Development agencies, Education Corps, Local School Districts, Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and Local Cities designing and implementing Mentoring, Sports and Wellness initiatives (leagues, clinics, camps, teams and symposiums. Akil creates and host relational spaces to discuss how movement/ physical activity and well-being facilitate individual, community and societal transformation.  He understands that educators, coaches and mentors can be guides for youth, families and communities to connect to their futures.

As a collaborator with the ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation, Akil focuses on fostering collaborative relationships with community leaders, local businesses, mentors and educators to support human and community development.  He attended the Public School Institute for Public Waldorf Education as a member of the ShadeTree Community Schooling Initiative team, where they are asking two vital questions: What is the true purpose of education? What does a community school in the service of the Watts community look like?  He was trained in systemic leadership by the Future Insight Maps Consulting Firm.

Nick Potter Bio PicNick Potter: Seeing reality from different perspectives has been an important theme throughout my life. As a child, I displayed bullying behavior at school. Coming into contact with the spiritual science of the Buddha at 13, I began to recognize the destructive nature of this behavior. When I was 17, I became best friends with the person I was bullying which stimulated a curiosity for understanding the dynamics of oppression. I studied Education at University, investigating systems of education that cultivate the perspective of the individual child – catering to their unique developmental needs. I continued this exploration as a primary school teacher. Over the last two years I have designed the concept of an Online Participatory Democracy based on Steiner’s understanding of democracy emerging from a threefolded social organism.

JohnBeck-300xJohn Beck led public radio and television stations in Boston and New York City, was an “evangelist” for computer networking at Chase Bank, and then general manager of the New York Open Center before becoming director of communications in 2009 for the Anthroposophical Society in America. He has recently completed a book, Being Human in the Millennial Age.J

rosemaryRosemary McMullen is an artist, freelance writer/editor, and retired educator (college English and Waldorf elementary and secondary). She discovered the military industrial complex in the 1960s and has been an intermittent social activist ever since. She began studying Anthroposophy twenty years ago and has been supporting threefold education and organizing efforts since her teacher training days at Sunbridge College. One of the highlights of 2004 was a visit and talk from Nicanor Perlas. She participated in Occupy Pittsburgh in 2011 and 2012, wrote and performed street theater Christmas 2011. She attended Threefold Boot Camp in Ghent, NY, September 2012.

Travis Henry Henry T (1)Henry T is a 12-Stepper who is familiar with Anthro Wisdom. He is an active member of two Fellowships, where he sponsors others on their path through the Twelve Steps. He has co-founded two 12-Step meetings.

Henry has served time in one county jail and two federal prisons for nonviolent civil resistance to the Americanist Way, in service of the Trinarchic Idea.

Truus AfricaTruus Geraets was born in Holland where she experienced the German occupation during World War II. Even as a teenager, she knew that she wished to work with children, because she felt the importance of how the children influence the future.

Her working life took her to Holland, Scotland, and Germany over the course of 13 years. She spent 10 years in South Africa, where she was co-founding the first Waldorf School for black children in a slum. She has now been in the United States, off and on, for a total of 30 years living and working in Michigan, Illinois, Texas, Maine and California. 2005 was highlighted by her European Tour, presenting workshops and lecturing in England, Norway, Germany and Switzerland. In all of her projects, Truus has worked with a great diversity of people; the elderly and the young, the healthy and the sick, inner city youth and people in prison, and the wealthy and the disadvantaged.

Truus is the founder of Center For The Art of Living. The concept was birthed in South Africa in 1985, at the height of ‘Apartheid,’ with the intention of creating a center in Johannesburg where black and white people could meet. When she returned to the United States in 1994, the concept found it American identity as the Center for the Art of Living.

Ty Petrie Bio-PicTy Petrie is social entrepreneur, educator and an adept laborer in a variety of skilled and manual work. He has spent the last 5 years living and working in Detroit and has spent the last 3 years working with Sunbridge International Collaborative and Detroit Community Highschool teaching woodworking and entrepreneurial skills to high school youth through the “Brightmoor Makers” program. In 2016 he started Living Edge L3C, a lawn-care and landscaping company focused on developing the skills of its workers in both business and labor.

Nancy PoerNancy Jewel Poer is a grandmother, and lifelong activist in defense of children/healthy food, Mother Earth, human rights and freedom.  Artist, author, film maker and leading pioneer in national home death movement. A founder of Rudolf Steiner College teaching Waldorf teachers and Spiritual Destiny of America for forty years.

Abraham Entin Photo 2Abraham Entin has been an activist for social transformation since his youth in Chicago in the 1960’s. He has also been a student of Rudolf Steiner for over forty years and has worked to translate these ideas into forms accessible and relevant to people today. He has spent his life thinking about and participating in the events of his times.

As a teenager he joined the Civil Rights Movement and was a Vietnam Era Draft Resister. Most recently he founded the Sonoma County affiliate of Move to Amend and was active with the Occupy Movement. Abraham met the work of Rudolf Steiner in 1974-75 and has been a student of his work ever since. He was a member of the first Western Regional Council of the Anthroposophical Society and a founding member of the Council of Anthroposophical Organizations (CAO). He also did groundbreaking work for the Waldorf Movement on building enrollment and was a founding board member of The Salaam Shalom Educational Foundation (now renamed Re-Generation).

He is a singer/songwriter. His music and excepts from speeches and
classes can be found on You Tube by clicking here.