Conference Details:

We have many multi-generational and internationally diverse speakers and contributors who will be co-creators of the Forum. Our keynote speaker will be Nicanor Perlas, a Filipino activist, environmentalist, and recipient of the Right Livelihood Award. We gratefully welcome Gerald Häfner, activist and leader of the Social Sciences Section of Anthroposophy and co-founder of the Green Party in Germany. We’re also excited to announce that Orland Bishop, an LA-based social activist and founder/director of ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation, will be one of our speakers, among many other contributors working on technology, systems change, alternative currency, sustainable 4.0 education, community empowerment, social justice, and the list goes on and on.

Working Forum:

“How We Will: Threefolding Our Cultural Revolution” will be a working forum. This means that alongside our many diverse speakers, open spaces, break out sessions, morning practice, evening cultural activities, and design/prototype space will be offered as integral elements of our shared creative space where everyone can be seen, heard, and have the ability to co-create and contribute their ideas. We will be building a local and global collective community so we can bring about transformation towards the higher ideals in our humanity’s midst.