The How We Will Forum is a groundbreaking and systems-shifting opportunity to come together in community and cultural connectivity. Even if you cannot attend over Labor Day Weekend, you can still join the collective inspiration by co-sponsoring the Forum.

Below are a few different ideas of how you can join our Forum as co-sponsor and give support in a huge and incredible way. We’re asking for community support for many elements of the Forum.


Because building a new system where culture and freedom are at the core, and not money or politics, means exactly that. In hosting this Forum, we’re building ideas into tangible prosperity and social capital, but need help from the community. Not only will co-sponsoring make a huge impact on the process and planning of How We Will Forum, but your support will make an impact on all of the leaders, communities, and initiatives attending. The more beautifully we can build this Forum, the wider the ripples will span out from local to global, from individual self to connected, empathic Self.

Inspired and ready to co-sponsor How We Will? Contact us and let’s start dreaming.

Forum Co-Sponsors

Anthroposophical Section for Social Sciences


The Better Angels Festival


Los Angeles Branch – Anthroposophical Society


Youth Section


GGLA logo


Ground Game Los Angeles

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