Contributor 2019: Laura Summer

I will talk about the importance of de-comodifying art and some possible ways to do it.

IMG_0182 - Free Columbia

Laura Summer is co-founder of Free Columbia, an arts initiative whose mission is to facilitate art in relation to the spiritual aspects of the human being and the world. It is completely grass roots donation supported and has no set tuitions. Her work is in various places around the world. She has published seven books, founded two temporary alternative exhibition spaces and initiated ART DISPERSAL 2012-19 where over 600 pieces of art by professional artists have been dispersed to the public without set prices.

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Invitation 2019

How We Will like to make it happen!

August 22nd – 26th is right around the corner. Even with the short time We Will make it happen.
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Contributor Series: Daniel Evaeus

On our blog, in our “Contributor Series”, we will be featuring our speakers and contributors at the Forum, so you can get to know the individual, their work, and their passion, before you arrive at the end of August.

This is a special Contributor Series, for this contributor is not traveling to Los Angeles to attend the forum, but lives in the Elderberries Threefold community and is one of the core team co-workers and hosts of How We Will. We warmly introduce to you Daniel Evaeus.


Co-Founder of Have Seeds Threefold House

& Urban First Aid: Art is Medicine



“I have never before bumped up so strongly against the boundaries set by my ego. But through the learning, some boundaries dissolve. And that nourishes and inspires me a lot to say the least. I used to fear the mundanity of practical work. I am now learning how intention can illumine, uplift and give it meaning.”

– Daniel, illuminating the transformative work of Elderberries 3Fold Cafe


As manager of Elderberries 3Fold Cafe

“It all comes to life in the cafe environment between the practical work and the social aspect of co-working and caring for customers. Still, pursuing truth asks the utmost courage and vulnerability of me…

I feel my heart slowly opening in compassion but still I wonder – what more can I do? The world is in such a needy state. How can I really come to be touched by the pain and beauty around me everywhere, every day, in a way that lights a pure fire of inspiration within to create beauty and give love selflessly, infinitely and always? It seems my pain must be healed by answering the question of “what ails thee”?


I live in Los Angeles where I’ve dedicated my life to healing in the social realm through the work of Elderberries Threefold Cafe and it’s related endeavors. Born to Swedish-American parents, I grew up multilingual and in different countries and continents. Cultural experiences have sensitized my perception and understanding of all human beings. I’ve always radically followed my heart but only more recently fallen in love with life as I grow conscious of my creative forces. A training in violin making marked an important developmental step during which I learned through my experience that what we practice shapes our being. 4 years of crafting instruments in a Bavarian mountain village, unexpectedly turned out to be my preparation for mediation, facilitation and community building for the world. Now, how can I be of service to someone else’s destiny unfolding?’

The Cafe

Elderberries 3Fold Cafe is striving to build healthy, vital individuals and communities.  The last few years of the cafe in Hollywood have seen tremendous personal transformations and a vibrant will to take action. Whether it be fostering sober and safe spaces for reflection and grounding, feeding and empowering the homeless and mentally challenged, or striving to find more beautiful and compassionate ways to engage in social activism, Elderberries 3Fold Cafe is humbly and relentlessly sowing the seeds for a more beautiful future.


The cafe believes that in order for the young people of the world to be able to bring their healing gifts to fruition, they are going to need safe and socially inspired spaces that invite creativity and ask us to be bold.  The vision has always been for there to be 7 cafes across the countrybeacons of light, for international collaboration.  Elderberries calls it the “Michael Grailroad”, connecting and empowering the young people across the continent.
The second cafe’s seeds have emerged in Chicago! Co-workers, Frank, Kait, Destiny, and many others you’ll meet at the forum, created this video to kick off a crowdfunding campaign to establish the second Elderberries Cafe in the Midwest. Check out the video below featuring Daniel and friends, to get a sense of the community who is hosting How We Will Forum.



as water protector

15591649_10208301292831310_2089505166597721204_oDaniel went twice to support the resistance against the Dakota Access Pipeline at Standing Rock Reservation, ND. Many co-workers from the Elderberries community went to protect the water and stand in solidarity with the indigenous communities fighting for their sovereignty.

After returning from Standing Rock, Daniel, Caleb, and Gésaël spoke of their experience as contributors to Initiative Forum in Järna, Sweden. 

20448901_10211309084256824_996454666665275307_oBesides his daily work with running Elderberries Threefold Cafe, Daniel co-founded and holds the Have Seeds Threefold House, an intentional co-living space and the cultural hub Urban First Aid ~ Art Is Medicine. A global community of light bearers connected to The Youth Initiative Program in Sweden and The Anthroposophical Society help keep his fire burning. His main focus is around transformational processes of becoming, facilitation and mediation, to which he brings great empathy and sensitivity.

Ready to co-create with Daniel, join our cultural collective, and come envision a more compassionate future? Join us in LA at our forum, from August 31st- September 4th, 2017.

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Contributor Series: Yuval Ron

On our blog, in our “Contributor Series”, we will be featuring our speakers and contributors at the Forum, so you can get to know the individual, their work, and their passion, before you arrive at the end of August.

Yuval_Ron_talkingYuval Ron

Internationally renowned World Music artist, composer, educator, peace activist and record producer


“We are trying to create light, We are trying to create hope.”

– Yuval Ron, on his ensemble

Creating Light and Hope – 2015

“During the late 1990s, Ron’s growing awareness of the violence
between Israelis and Palestinians prompted him to become involved in
social activism. In 2000, he formed the Yuval Ron Ensemble to promote
harmony across borders and national divides. Members of the ensemble
include a Palestinian, an Armenian Christian, Sufis from Pakistan and
Turkey, a Jewish Moroccan dancer, and Israeli singer Maya Haddi ’99.
Having grown up in the part of the world where Judaism, Christianity
and Islam all began, his ensemble represents his belief that the power
of music can create peace and unity.

YRE_Blue_mandalaLed by Ron on the oud, the ensemble has enjoyed success internationally and in the United States. The group was invited by the
king of Morocco to appear at the Fes Festival of World Sacred Music in 2009 and had the honor of headlining a benefit concert for the Dalai
Lama’s initiative “Seeds of Compassion” promoting compassion in education, business, and community. They were also featured four times at the Festival of World Sacred Music in Los Angeles and performed at
the 2005 International Peace Festival in South Korea.

For Ron, music is the vehicle to bring people together, emphasize the
beauty in each culture, and build bridges between people of various
faiths and ethnic backgrounds.”

Cross Cultural Catalyst

“Rabbi David Zaslow says, “Yuval Ron’s music arises from deep within
the soul of the Middle East: the Arab soul, the Jewish soul, the soul
of Druze, Sufi, and Christian alike. In his compositions all
differences disappear, even for just a moment, to let the real soul of
peace, shalom, saalam enter the heart.” – from Om Times

Yuval Ron is an internationally renowned World Music artist, composer, educator, peace activist and record producer. Graduating Cum Laude as a Film Scoring Major at Berklee College of Music in Boston, he has continuously researched various ethnic musical traditions and spiritual paths worldwide. Among his many honors, he composed the songs and score for the Oscar winning film West Bank Story in 2007, was the featured artist in the Gala Concert for the Dalai Lama’s initiative Seeds of Compassion in the Seattle Opera Hall in 2008, and has collaborated with the Sufi leader Pir Zia Inayat Khan since 2006. His awards include the Los Angeles Treasures Award in 2004 and prestigious grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, American Composers Forum, California Council for the Humanities and the Rockefeller Foundation.

Under his leadership, the internationally renowned music and dance group, The Yuval Ron Ensemble, has been actively involved in creating musical bridges between people of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian faiths and has been featured on CNN, National Geographic, and in the international press and media. Yuval Ron has produced field recordings in the Sinai Desert with the Bedouins, archival preservation recordings of the sacred Yemenite, Moroccan and Andalusian Jewish traditions, and the album of master musician Omar Faruk Tekbilek titled, One Truth – A Window into the Divine Passion and Poetry of Sufism.

His TV and films scores includes the PBS/Nova special, Breaking the Maya Code, Proteus, Oliver Twist, The Spiral Staircase, Golda’s Balcony and Road to Victory and he has collaborated with numerous film directors including, Jeremy Kagan, Ari Sandel, David Lebrun. He received commissions from various international choreographers including Daniel Ezralow (American Repertory Ballet), Ashley Roland (ISO dance company), Oguri (Renzoku Dance Company) and Zen priest and visual artist Hirokazu Kosaka. His original scores for theater productions include Shakespeare’s The Tempest, Yeats’ Amer’s Jealousy and Becket’s Casscando.

Yuval Ron has also collaborated with neuroscientists Mark Waldman, Andrew Newburg and others to explore the connection between sound and the brain and has received commissions from Metta Mindfulness Music to create music for medical and healing use in clinics and treatments centers.

Yuval is a noted lecturer and has been invited to speak at numerous schools including: Yale, John Hopkins University, UCLA, Middlebury College, Brandeis University, MIT, Berklee College of Music, University of Chicago, Pittsburgh University, Texas University in Austin, UCSD, Jerusalem Sam Spiegel Film School and many others. Yuval Ron has been on the faculty of Esalen Institute since 2009, is an affiliated artist with the Center for Jewish Culture and Creativity, and a “Guiding Voice” for Seven Pillars – House of Wisdom.

Yuval’s book Divine Attunement: Music as a path to Wisdom, won the Gold Medal Award for Best Spirituality Book at the Indie Book Awards 2015.

Education: 1989 – Berklee College of Music, graduate Cum-Laude.

Ready to join our cultural collective and come envision a more compassionate, creative, and spiritual future? Join us in LA at our forum, from August 31st- September 4th, 2017.

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Contributor Series: Joan Jaeckel

On our blog, in our “Contributor Series”, we will be featuring our speakers and contributors at the Forum, so you can get to know the individual, their work, and their passion, before you arrive at the end of August.

“My #1 wish in life is for the creative education approach to be SEEN, HEARD, UNDERSTOOD and ACCEPTED. I want the creative education approach to become an accessible, abundant, free, and non-discriminatory counterbalance to what we generally think of as “school”. A more creative conception of what we think of as “teacher” and “teaching”.
How Will We ever move creative forms of education into the mainstream so more children will be able to learn creatively and more teachers teach creatively?  
For example – Waldorf education is a global creative education movement initiated by Rudolf Steiner in 1919 to foster free thinkers, open hearts, and the practical changemakers sorely needed then as now.”

WIRED NEXT STEVE JOBS“Alternative Schools, a History – 1919: The first Waldorf school opens in Stuttgart, Germany. Based on the ideas of philosopher Rudolf Steiner, it encourages self-motivated learning. Today, there are more than 3,000 Waldorf schools in 60 countries.” – Genius is everywhere – How to unleash the great minds of tomorrow.  NOV 2013 | WIRED

ff_mexicanschool3_f.jpgff_mexicanschool4_f.jpg“Advocates and practitioners of personalized and holistic education … [share] a passion for forming education around how children learn and of what they need to form themselves….The Steiner approach is  built around the individual needs of the whole of each child – academic, physical, emotional and spiritual.” – Ken Robinson, Creative Schools: The Grassroots Revolution That’s Transforming Education in which he expands on his world-famous TED Talk “Do Schools Kill Creativity?” – the most watched in TED history.


“Where does one start a mission like that – to develop understanding for creative education and conversation in the cultural sector to the point where schooling for free thinkers becomes the natural and obvious thing for every child? How Will We take creative education to the tipping point?


I have sought to further the mission of understanding and conversation around creative schooling and the U.S. educational system through various community development projects.

ShadeTree Community Schooling Initiative of Watts/South Los Angeles.


Today, I am part of a working group of the ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation invited by Orland Bishop to work on the ShadeTree Community Schooling Initiative of Watts in South Los Angeles. We plan to open a K-8 publicly chartered demonstration model of urban, multicultural Public Waldorf Education beginning with K-2nd grade fall 2019, the Waldorf centennial year.


In designing the school, we will not just plop another “choice” into the community. We will learn from and with the community about its needs. Using “systemic technology” we engage the community in two questions: “What is the purpose of education?” and “What is possible in Watts?”


Watts-Oakland Public Waldorf Education Mutual Learning Experience 2016Building community between ShadeTree Community Schooling Initiative, South LA and Community School for Creative Education, Oakland.


Art of the DealBuilding community between ShadeTree Community Schooling Initiative, Ocean Charter School, and Alliance for Public Waldorf Education.



unnamed (2).jpgThe Waldorf Promise: Children Who Love to Learn Become Students Who Achieve.

Joan: “I worked as Consulting Producer with Eric Stacey on this CINE Golden Eagle Award winning documentary focuses on eight teachers in Waldorf-inspired public schools.


“Dear Joan: Thank you for the advanced copy of the promotional video retarding the Waldorf education approach. As you know, I am supportive of your efforts to “spread the word” about this unique and successful approach to education … Now, more than ever a Waldorf education can play a very central role in establishing a foundation for future success. People are looking for an environment where children feel enthusiastic and inspired. The skills and the attributes that laid the foundation for me at the Waldorf school are even more relevant today than they were thirty years ago.”Kenneth I. Chenault. President and CEO American Express Company

“Investing in Socially Responsible Education”, an invitational event in San FranciscoISRE logo involving 50 leaders from the fields of holistic and creative education, progressive-social justice, ecology and green business, socially responsible investing and philanthropy, mindfulness and systems thinking (organized in collaboration with Ron Miller, editor, Holistic Education Review)

ISRE photoHarold Jordan, ACLU of Pennsylvania, at Investing in Socially Responsible Education.



“Reimagine Growing Up”, a five-CD set of

interviews with compelling voices from creative education and social and ecological wellness (with New Dimensions Media). Three samples:

unnamed (4).jpg

GREEN MONEY JOURNAL  As guest editors of Green Money Journal’s special issue devoted to “Whole Mind Education” Eric Utne and I forecast that understanding of the creative education approach will grow side by side with four cultural trends:


Here’s one of the articles by Linda Lantieri, author of Building Emotional Intelligence with “Emotional IQ” inventor Daniel Goleman: “Building Emotional Intelligence” by Linda Lantieri

Launched into life as an international citizen, Joan Jaeckel was born in Austria into a family of artists, architects and scientists and raised in Detroit, where she was active in community theater and folksinging. Attracted to Waldorf education through her parents who served as founding Board members of the Detroit Waldorf School, she moves to Los Angeles, graduates from the Waldorf Teacher Training Center at Highland Hall Waldorf School , teaches German there, starts a family, and serves as its Community Development Director. Her interest in the social justice potential for Waldorf education piqued at the dawn of public Waldorf-inspired schools in the U.S., she serves as Director of Development at the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA). From a life mission to further more understanding of and acceptance for the creative schooling mission, Joan launches projects that spread the word and bring like-minded allies together: Consulting Producer of Eric Stacey’s CINE Golden Eagle Award winning documentary, The Waldorf Promise, focusing on U.S. Public Waldorf programs; organizes a 3-day invitational conference, “Investing in Socially Responsible Education,” in collaboration with leading figures in Holistic Education, Social-Emotional Learning, Green Business, Contemplative Practice, Social Justice, and Whole Systems Thinking; coordinates the charter petition writing process for LAUSD’s Ocean Charter School, the first Public Waldorf program in Los Angeles. Today Joan is active with the ShadeTree Community Schooling Initiative of Watts/South Los Angeles and a working group of the Shade Tree Multicultural FoundationJoan is mother to a blended family of 6 children and 7 grandchildren and lives in Studio City with artist, poet, Emerson College graduate, and general contractor, Roman Janczak.

Ready to join our cultural collective, meet Joan, and co-create an emerging, holistic path to new forms of education? Join us in LA at our forum, from August 31st- September 4th, 2017.

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