On our blog, in our “Contributor Series”, we will be featuring our speakers and contributors at the Forum, so you can get to know the individual, their work, and their passion, before you arrive at the end of August.

Nancy PoerNancy Jewel Poer

Internationally Recognized Waldorf Educator, Author, Artist & Activist




“Can we address how to ‘make it human’ in the face of the powerful take over of human life by our soul-less technology, for we are the ones who must ever more vigilantly make it human? .. We are the ones that need to have our hearts open to the intervention of the spirit.  As things intensify in world affairs, let us also recognize the miracles. For example, the huge, peaceful, totally non violent, Women’s March, the largest mobilization in the nation’s history on January 21, 2017!  Or the great offering of prayer and courage at Standing Rock as the most powerful, capitalistic, materialistic, destructive forces in the world are being faced,- or the deeply ‘human’ compassionate responses to the plight of refugees? Spirit intervention is alive – ever inspiring us to make it more alive and real and recognize it in this world… to make it human!”

– Nancy Poer, from “Make it human, people”

Nancy Poer, Director of award-winning documentary on conscious dying

The Most Excellent Dying of Theodore Jack Heckleman

“I have seldom seen a film that captures so sensitively, and with such honesty and hope, the death of someone so loved and loving.”

-Johnathan Stedall, Internationally known BBC film maker, producing documentaries of  the lives of Ghandi, Carl Jung, and many more.

nancy card.jpg

Nancy is a versatile artist, creating paintings, directing film, writing articles and books.nancy book.png






Check out some of her inspiring work here.

Nancy Jewel Poer was born and raised in California. As a child she loved horses and outdoor life and graduated from the University of Arizona with hopes of becoming a veterinarian. But her large family of six children, three sons and three daughters, became the creative center of her work, along with teaching in the International Waldorf schools.

Nancy is known across the United States, for her lively lectures on Waldorf education, parenting, child development, the spiritual feminine, the mission of the spiritual America, and threshold work. She felt called to threshold work, first assisting with home births, and then pioneering support for home deaths in the community, which she has done for over thirty five years. Nancy is considered a grandmother of the national home death movement and has helped in the founding of threshold groups across the United States.  She has written a book considered a classic in the home death movement,   Living Into Dying, Spiritual and Practical Deathcare for Family and Community, which has empowered people throughout the country to care for their loved ones at death.

 Nancy has served as consumer advocate on the CARE committee for creating end of life policy for the state of California. She is the producer of an award winning, full length documentary on conscious dying, “The Most Excellent Dying of Theodore Jack Heckelman”. and she appears in the PBS documentary A Family Undertaking.  An artist as well as a writer, she has published A Child’s First Book,  Mia’s Apple Tree,  and in 2011 The Tear, A Children’s Story of Hope and Transformation When a Loved One Dies as well as art prints and cards for children and adults.

She is a co-founder of Rudolf Steiner College, a Waldorf teachers’ college near Sacramento, and taught there for forty years. Her courses have included the Spiritual Mission of America.  She was co-editor of special America edition forLillipoh magazine and lectured in the national conference on The Inner America, 2009. She has taught children at all grade levels, K-12, and began three Waldorf kindergartens, the last as the founding teacher for the Cedar Springs Waldorf School in Placerville, California.

Nancy and her husband, Gordon are both pilots and built their own airplane.  They live in the Sierra foothills on White Feather ranch where they raise cattle, have a bio-dynamic garden, host school classes, and Nancy gives women’s retreats and conferences to help pass the work on to others. The ranch serves in many capacities to bring people together for  sustainable organic agriculture, supporting spiritual education for teachers and children and building  sustainable communities for the future.


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