On our blog, in our “Contributor Series”, we will be featuring our speakers and contributors at the Forum, so you can get to know the individual, their work, and their passion, before you arrive at the end of August.

Matre_Press4 (1)Matre

Hip-Hop Artist & Educator



“Inner and outer change is possible when we know our creative power. When we recognize ourselves as creators, we can shape ourselves and our world beyond definition or limitation.

Hip Hop is a science for knowing ourselves this way. From head-spins to beat-juggling to 3D paint portals, we get in touch with our limitless genius and build with the inspiration it brings.

In virtually every place on the planet folks are cultivating and building with this science. With tens of millions practicing Hip Hop arts, culture and philosophy it’s one of the most influential impulses on earth. From schools to war zones, galleries to back alleys, grass roots organizing to presidential politics, countless people are inspired, healed and educated through Hip Hop.

If we look (and make sure to look beyond mass-media’s skewed and severely limited portrayal) we can see Hip Hop’s impact. As lovers and livers of the culture we can also see there are next levels to be reached.”

– Matre, from “Hip Hop & Healing Change”


New Son Projects
Working with all elements of Hip Hop culture, New Son Projects focuses on Hip Hop’s power as a tool for social change as well as personal and community healing. Founded in 2010, this organization works with a diverse range of approaches, from music to mentoring, community building, education and social entrepreneurship. 

(Matre Live in Järna, Sweden 2010)


Combining new ideas with traditional ways of knowledge, ShadeTree serves as an intentional community of mentors, elders, teachers, artists, healers and advocates for the healthy development of youth and community. Working with the practice of Indaba or ‘deep talk,’ ShadeTree provides spaces for healing, inspiration and connection by witnessing, acknowledging and welcoming each other’s unique gifts, and supporting one another to follow the paths these gifts call us towards.

From classrooms to prisons, conferences to community rituals, ShadeTree works with a diverse community internationally with an emphasis on mentoring, rites of passage and collaborative economics.

Click here to read / hear more about ShadeTree and co-founder / co-director, Orland Bishop:http://www.globalonenessproject.org/interviewee/

(ShadeTree Community and Extended International Family
@ Economics of Peace Gathering, Watts Art Gallery,
Watts CA, July 2010)

Street Poets
Street Poets Inc. is a non-profit poetry-based peace-making organization dedicated to the creative process as a force for individual and community transformation. Street Poets works with at-risk youth in the juvenile detention facilities, schools and streets of Los Angeles County with the mission of inspiring them to discover and develop their voices, to support their healing, growth and development, and to connect them with diverse and supportive communities.

(Street Poets Staff @ Ecological Art Gallery, LA 2008)

2012: The New Game
Inspired by the idea that everyone wants to and can transform the world, and working with the highly impactful Oasis Game strategy that social change can be fast, fun and free, 2012: The New Game is an invitation to play, connect and change the world. With an organizing network spanning six continents, the game is bringing together an international community from a vast spectrum of backgrounds, ages and fields to co-create a next level game for global change.

(Oasis Games and New Game co-founder
Edgard Gouvéia playing with children in Brazil)


Matre is a hip-hop artist and educator inspired by the empowering spirit of hip-hop culture and the arts. With a focus on cultural transformation, healing and economic justice, he works with Los Angeles based non-profits, ShadeTree Multicultural Foundation, Street Poets Inc., and Rhythm Arts Alliance, and is a founding member of hip-hop collectives Top2Bottom and LA2theBay. His recent projects include “Listen” – a youth justice initiative in collaboration with the #studentsnotsuspects coalition and the ACLU of Southern California – and “Mars Today” – a musical call for the advancement of moral technology, together with award-winning Finnish rapper Paleface and Tanzanian singer Ashimba.

Ready to join our cultural collective and see creativity in action with Matre? Join us in LA at our forum, from August 31st- September 4th, 2017.

Register here!

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