Dear friends, today is July 4th and we would like to begin our blog presence leading up to the forum with a big hello! And some inspiration from Henry T, a long-standing Threefolding imagineer and activist and one of the contributors at How We Will.

On July 4th of 2012, he boldly stepped up to sign a Threefold Declaration at John Hancock’s desk in Independence Hall, Philadelphia. Henry T was immediately detained and fined $350 which he later told a judge he would “practice to refuse paying”. This eventually led to a SWAT team being sent to his home in upstate NY to collect $375 and upon further refusal 18 days in prison including solitary confinement. Henry T shares his whole experience of the events here.

Assembly Hall
Independence Hall

Below in his ‘Letter On The Nation’s Probation’, he shares the importance of interdependence in the economic realm and the idea of the ‘Threefold Republic’.Friends, let this day be a reminder of the values that constitute this country, and inspire actions and imaginations in service of a more humane future.

Letter on the Nation’s Probation

October 25, 2012

U.S. Probation Office
James T. Foley Courthouse
445 Broadway
Albany, NY 12207

To the United States and to those Citizens who serve as functionaries of its Federal Probation organ,

I will not pay tribute to the United States regime. In Philadelphia yesterday, the United States—or more truthfully, the Corporate-Military States—fined me $375 for signing a Declaration of Interdependence on the desk where John Hancock signed the other document. I harmed no one and damaged no thing. The British Government of North America similarly tried to punish the “scofflaws” in 1776.

I will help you understand. You, the United States, are the one who is on probation, you are being probed and tried by Humanity and the Times:

Over the bleached bones and jumbled residues of numerous civilizations are written the pathetic words: “Too late.”

—Martin Luther King, Jr., The World House

An Illegitimate Empire:

Over the past century, your regime has been shaped by economic corporations via payments to two non-governmental organizations—the Party of the Left and the Party of the Right. The very substance and fabric of our laws have been determined by monied interests funneled through those two organizations. Even the citizen who “judged” me yesterday was appointed partly because of his allegiance to one of the two party organizations, and he was paid by the same entity which was prosecuting me: The United States of America versus Travis Henry.

Instead of a living association of benevolent businesses meeting real human needs, our economy has become a financial game. Instead of a human-scaled, warm-hearted governance, we have a bureaucratic, spectacular circus handed back and forth between whichever of the two evils seems less evil at the moment. And our culture is pervaded by nationalist blindedness to the resentment which our own violent, hateful deeds have evoked in the rest of humanity.

You have kept one of America’s greatest men, Tim DeChristopher (who you probably haven’t even heard of), in prison for 14 months to “make an example of him” for his non-violent challenge of the fusion of corporation and state. You have spent untold resources to follow and surveil Tarek Mehanna for years—when it would have been a more prudent use of our time to make amends to the Islamic Nation for the harms we have done. You have held Citizen Bradley Manning in prison for two years without trial for his act against the entrenched, secretive culture of U.S. militarism.

Besides these political prisoners, there is a whole world of economic prisoners in the U.S. gulag—like the line of young men who filed before me in the holding cell yesterday—all black men—most of whom would not be there if all 40-hour jobs in the American Economy, including fast food and convenience store work, were required by law to provide at least the same pay and benefits that entry level Federal workers receive—like the amply-salaried Federal employees I saw arrayed against me in the courthouse yesterday.

You and your courts blithely take days and years out of the lives of our men and women, but if we interfere with Government Operations for even a moment, you are ready with state-sanctioned force. You are a plutocracy and oligarchy which wields the police and military as its tool. You are an illegitimate regime which deserves to be overthrown.

I want nothing to do with you. It is my duty, at least to wash my hands of you. Yet, except for a few atavistic pockets of statist-socialist or theocratic regimes, all countries in humanity’s world are corporatocratic colonies of the American Empire, and there is no place on the wide earth to escape, even if I wished to. And I am an American. I am a member of the American People as a cultural identity, even though her worn-out political-economic raiment is ready to be discarded. So it is my will to stay here until we have completed regime change in America.

A governance worthy of my respect:

Let every man make known what kind of government would command his respect and that will be one step toward obtaining it.”

—Henry David Thoreau, Resistance to Civil Government

There are three actions which will reconcile my relationship with the United States:

1) Enactment of the constitutional Separation of Corporation and State, of Business and Governance, of Wealth and Rights.

2) Enactment of the constitutional Severance of all Political Party Organizations from the State.

3) The beginning of National Amends to all Peoples, Organizations, and Individuals we have harmed since 1776.

Any U.S. leader who touches these three “freeze zones” will become a target of the corporate-military interests. How can I ask the American leadership to courageously enact these healing measures, if I’m not willing to put my own life on the line? Though I prefer to be free, I would rather be in jail than bow to an evil empire. The Soviet Union was replaced by the Russian Federation. And the United States will be replaced. It will have a new name.

From Uniform Government to Twofold Republic, and then Threefold Republic:

I recently saw an exhibit at the National Museum of American History in our nation’s capital. It defined the seven roles of the American President, one of which is “Manager of the Economy”.

It is an illegitimate conflict of interest for the Head of State to have the role of Manager of the Economy. This is indicative of the structural fusion of Corporation and State. The Second American Revolution will make a distinct Chief Economic Executive, of equivalent stature to the political President. The role of the economic Manager will be to create jobs and develop the economy. This individual will serve as the transparent, human face of the American Economy. All the economic departments of the US Government will be transferred to form an economic executive branch.

That will clarify the remaining role of the political President: to ensure equality of all human beings before the law. The feeding trough which attracts lobbyists will be removed. Rights will no longer be for sale.

Besides the “Economic President” and their executive branch, there will also be an Economic Forum—equivalent in stature to the political Congress—made of all the businesses in the country, along with their chambers of commerce and industry associations, the labor unions, and consumer federations. The stock markets and financial sector will be put in their place. Their legitimate place is to create capital for human businesses—not to make obscure games whereby a few amoral gamblers, oligarchic family lineages, and non-human economic collectivities extract the wealth and wages from the rest of the populace. The Economic Forum will be the rightful arena for the development of an entrepreneurial economy founded on good will.

The Separation of Party and State:

Another presidential role from that museum exhibit is that of “Party Leader”. This role is also illegitimate. It is systemically unlawful for there to be any explicit or implicit relationship between a Governance worker and his or her membership in non-governmental organizations or clubs.

We will entirely sever all political parties from the actual governance. No party affiliation will be listed on government ballots. Individuals as human individuals—not as party functionaries—will offer themselves for political-rights service. Governance facilities, including at the local level, will be constitutionally banned from hosting “primary elections” (in-party leadership meetings). Churches and civic clubs hold their leadership elections in their own facilities, and so will the Democratic and Republican Parties…if they don’t simply wither away and die once they are no longer embedded in the Governance. In the eyes of the Governance, the only election is the General Election.

And presently, our representatives are physically seated by their professed allegiance to the Organization of the Left or the Organization of the Right. This collapses all the nuanced qualities of human perspective into a flat, fear-based spectrum of Liberal versus Conservative—Blue State versus Red State. The Separation of Party and State will end this practice. Governance legislatures will seat their workers by last name, not by their affiliation with a party or other civics club.

National Amends:

We will make National Amends to all countries we have harmed since the United States began. Then there will not be so much resentment, which is why the American People feel the need for a gigantic standing army. All Indian treaties with the Original Humanity of this continent will be honored, and Black Humanity in America will receive 40 acres and a mule.
It is gravely important that America soon apologize to Iranian Humanity for the wrongs we did, and clear our side of the street, in order to avert the U.S. Establishment’s plan to provoke or stage a crisis and justify a nuclear assault.

Who am I?:

There is an Idea which is bigger than the Spirit of the United States. Through this Idea, all human beings will be able to practice standing taller than the even the most gigantic Government on earth. I strive to be filled with this Idea.

I have participated in the Tea Party and in Occupy. I honor the peaceful rEVOLutionary efforts of both the left and the right. The story of how I was noticed by the US Government is published here:

I have signed, and helped craft, two recent petitions calling for the structural end of the Democratic-Republican regime.

Yet my primary work is with Threefold Now: The Movement for the Tri-Sector (R)Evolution. From out of this comes the Declaration which I voiced again at the Federal Court in Philadelphia yesterday:

I am striving to enact the separation of powers in our fused Corporate Democracy, so that it unfolds into two distinct administrations:

1) An entrepreneurial Economic Republic founded on goodness and brotherhood. I have designed and made a cloth flag for this Economic Administration, and I was arrested while flying this inside Independence Hall.

2) And a constitutional Rights Republic where every individual human citizen has a real voice, and where corporations and organizations have no voice whatsoever. These are not human persons.

The further completion of our Twofold Republic, will be the formation of a third sector: a free Cultural Republic made of all the schools, universities, and non-profit organizations in the country, wherein all Americans might unfold as sovereign, self-reliant individuals.

So, I perceive our societal distress is threefold: economic, political, and cultural. Healing has to come about in all three. This is the Threefold Idea. No entity, no matter how large and violent, can imprison or kill an Idea.

My upcoming engagement with the U.S. Government:

There’s no need to break down my door, like your colleagues recently did in the Pacific Northwest at the house of Leah-Lynn Plante. Like her, I won’t hurt one hair on the head of any human being, including those dear citizens who are serving as guardians of the peace.

If you send me a letter saying when you’d like to meet, I will meet you here in Philmont. I have already wasted enough resources driving down to Philadelphia and missing work to address your petty court. I will go about my life and work, and you are welcome to come meet me when you will. As individuals, you Federal Probation Officers in Albany are probably fine people. Yet I hold despite and contempt for the organization you work for—the United States.

The United States Governance does not need another $375. It already has enough money to build robot assassin drones. It’s not about the money though. Even if the fine was erased, I aim to end your Uniform States and—employing any and all non-violent, transparent, spiritual means—vigorously replace it with a Twofold, and then Threefold Republic. We will plant a new flag above Wall Street and above the Federal Reserve.

Why don’t you join me? The Threefold Republic is open, I believe, to all of humanity.

I bow not yet before the Iron Crown,
nor cast my own small golden sceptre down

In liberty, equality, and fraternity,
Travis Henry

The posted letter is slightly revised from the one I mailed, with fixed typos, some varied synonyms, and reformatting.

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